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Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca
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History's Impact


This is a map of Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca's travels, explained below.

Cabeza de Vaca set out from Spain with 300 men.  They were headed for Florida.  Along their way, they overstayed their welcome with some Indians and were soon pushed from their land.  They soon left, but their ship washed up on the Isle of Misfortune, now called Galveston Island.  They lived here from November 1528-1529. The tribe of the Mariames captures de Vaca and he is enslaved for 5 years.  Coming from Texas, de Vaca and the remaining three men walked on foot to New Mexico.  While traveling on this 2000 mile strip they made their way across to Big Bend in the inside of Mexico.  The four men meet Spanish soldiers in what is now Sinaloa in northwest Mexico.  The next month, they arrive at Culiacan, New Spain.  Five months later, the four are welcomed into Mexico City by Hernan Cortez and Antonio de Mendoza, the Viceroy of New Spain.  In April 1537, de Vaca leaves for Spain and the other three stay behind.