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Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca
Other VIP's
History's Impact

This is a timeline of 16 events that happened during Cabeza de Vaca's life and journeys as a conquistador.

Spain explores the new world
Cabeza de Vaca is shipwrecked
July 25th, 1536
Cabeza de Vaca reaches Mexico City from Texas on foot.
Hernan de Soto lands in Florida where Cabeza de Vaca was headed.
June 17th, 1527
Cabeza de Vaca and his men leave Spain from near Cadiz.
November 5th, 1527

Previously, de Vaca's 2 ships and 60 men were lost in a hurricane. Governor Narvaez arrived with 4 ships to Cabeza de Vaca.

April 12th, 1528
de Vaca and his fleet arrived in Florida in the vicinity of Tampa Bay.
April 16th, 1528

Governor Narvaez claimed possession of the land in the name of the King of Spain (the land near present day Tampa Bay.)

May 1st, 1528
Governor Narvaez decides to have the fleet seperate the ships.  This was a fatal split in the expedition.
October 27th-28th, 1528

When de Vaca and his fleet land near Pensacola Bay, the Choctaws welcomed the Spaniards, but soon befriended them and tried to kill them.

November, 1528

The boats are seperated in the north wind.

November 7th-8th, 1528

The fleet attempts to leave the Isle of Misfortune, but their ship is buried in the sand.  They unbury it, and as sood as they get out on the water, the ship crashed.
The fleet lives on the Isle of Misfortune and started out with about eighty survivors, but due to hardship, disease, and execution by the natives, that number reduced to only fifteen men.  Cabeza de Vaca is soon captured by the native tribe and spent five years as a slave near the Isle  of Misfortune.  He soon escaped and lives with another group of natives and is allowed to operate as a trader.
July 1536

The remaining four survivors are welcomed to Mexico City by Hernan Cortez and Antonio de Mendoza.

October 1536
Their fleet attempts to leave the shore again, but their ship is wrecked in the storm.

April 1537

Cabeza de Vaca leaves for Spain and the other three remaining survivors stay in New Spain.